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The new concept of home living

Our company has 30 years of experience as leaders in the construction sector in Costa Smeralda with the historic brand C&P.
New market trends have led us to focus our services in enhancement of existing homes

to meet the sophisticated and demanding requirements of those who choose the Costa Smeralda as a synonym for true lifestyle.
Thanks to the high standard guaranteed, ReDo is the undisputed reference point in Sardinia in terms of Interior Design.

We perform renovation of villas and apartments taking care of every detail at every stage: from design to material selection, from installation to the interior, with finishing work precise and flawless, using only the finest building materials and better.

Our team is formed by highly specialized for any type of intervention, from the planning stage to the execution of the most complex jobs, and can meet the delivery times stated in response to every request quickly and customized.

Villa and appartment refurbishing